Your Individual

Individual. The place you can find your self, the one scent, which represents all that is sacred, private and unique in you, shared with the world. We’ve looked high and low for the most interesting and diverse scents from the fields of Grass in France through the Oriental desserts of Marrocco to the coasts of Italy’s Amalfi and high air of the Alps – and curated a family of artisanal fragrances in the discipline of the niche fragrance world, illuminated into families of scents.

Find out which is your scent and what is your unique fragrance.


Close, Personal and You

Trying out your fragrance has never been easier, online as offline. In case you set your heart on a fragrance, curate your own test kit online, or catch a hint of our fragrances at our 3 concept boutiques:

Tel Aviv – Shabazi 40, Neve Tzedek
Ashdod – BIG Fashion Mall, Harakevet 1
Yarka – BIG Yarka Saban Center

Sisley Spa

Illuminate you senses with Sisley Paris Day Spa in Individual Shabazi Tel Aviv. Let yourself drift in the intoxicating blend of serenity, calm and rebirth.

Discover the Spa